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November 2012

Check out ASN's New England Hip-Hop homepage here!


September, 2012

ASN's song "Smash 'Em (DJ GrazzHoppa & Smimooz Remix) is featured on which gets over 5 million visitors a month! Join us September 26th at Chuch Boston, we're gonna be rocking this one live with Chase Money and many others!

Also featured on, the biggest Hip-Hop website!


June, 2012

Check out Soul On a Beat's ASN & Mike Bishop in the official "24 Six" music video!

January, 2012

ASN is currently working with OneThree Music Group CEO M-Credible to wrap up the upcoming album. Singles will be coming soon with release shows, the "AssasSinatioN Day" video and more!

December, 2011

Well, 2011 was a great year! We got the Soul On a Beat home studio in full swing, launched Mystic Media Studios with Boston Web Group and KRucial Arts, recorded and performed live with some of Boston's best Artists and even had a couple licensing placements! Thanks to everyone involved. Look out for 2 ASN albums and 3 videos we hae in the works for ASN due out early Spring, 2012!

October, 2011

Join ASN and Dub Station band, along with Jem-I, Skiffy, Sandra D and more for Roberto Gell's East Coast "Work Hard album release party October 22nd! The remainder of the night is a Marley tribute, along with ASN's final shot for "AssasSinatioN Day" being shot LIVE on location! (Johnny D's Uptown in Davis Sq. Somerville)

August, 2011

"Made For This" by ASN is featured in a promotional ad on the Cartoon Network for the show "NTSF:SD:SUV" (airing from 6/30/2011 to 9/30/2011) on TV, and in US theatres as well! Getting alot of love on YouTube, thanks to all! Check it out here:

June, 2011

We are pleased to announce that Mystic Media Studios is now officially open for business! Full band recording with in house graphic & webdesign, Artist services and more! Check it out here:

May, 2011

It is our honor to be invoved with Dub Station Bands 18yea anniversary May 14th at Johnny D's Uptown in Somerville, MA! ASN with be rocking 2backed Hip-Hop sets, along with Jem-I, Skiffy, Sandra D and many other Reggae favorites

January 25, 2010

It's been a while since our last update but we're back! ASN's song

"Made For This" is going to be featured on Spike TV's "Blue Mountain State" airing January 26th, 2010 (Tomorrow!)

Soul On a Beat is meeing with a few labels about getting picked up for distribution and ASN has been doing a couple shows with Dub Station Band, expanding the repetoire.

ASN's "Be The Cure" project is nearing the mastering stage and with tracks, live performances and music videos on the way so stay tuned!

March 18, 2009

There is alot of re-organiztion and re-prioritizing going on at Soul On a Beat Entertainment, all to make sure 2009 and 2010 are bigger than ever for everyone involved, from the Artists to the fans!

Bigger shows, crazier performances and the involvement of larger artists and labels than ever before. We'll definitely keep you posted.

A.S.N. will now be going by Amir "ASN" Nedjadi, but it's still just ASN for short. ASN's most recent feature was his Stuff article being reposted on the WFNX website. Even hitting the rock stations in Boston, huh? Good stuff :)

The new album is in the works and will start to leak this summer. Be on the look out...much more coming soon!

February 18, 2009

Check out the ASN Article from the Brookline Tab

January 25, 2009:

ASN was featured in the Stuff@Night Bodies By Boston Edition. Click here to check it out online!

DECEMBER 27, 2008, 2008:

The "Made For This" Record Release party with AZ, Wally Sparks, KayBiggs57, Re-Surch, Bre and G Hard has been rescheduled for Saturday, February 7th, 2009 due to the "State of Emergency" snow-storm...

Das EFX and Akrobatik will be putting it down with ASN at Harpers Ferry, Allston MA sooner, Friday, January 16, 2009 to be exact. Be sure to check it out!!!

In other news, ASN was featured for the second time in the Boston Herald, check out the ASN Boston Herald article here!

ASN was also featured in the weekly Dig, check out the ASN Weekly Dig article here!

And last but not least, the latest ASN single "Smash 'Em" (Featuring Smif N Wessun) peaked at #3 on the US College Radio Charts (According to both Rap Attack and Rapnetwork Record Breakers) last week.

DECEMBER 12, 2008, 2008:

"Smash 'Em" (Featuring Smif N Wessun) is currently #3 on the US College Radio Charts (According to Rap Attack, #5 according to Rapnetwork Record Breakers).

Check for ASN this Thursday December 18th, 2008 on WERS 88.9 FM interviewing live (Everyone outside of Boston can check this online at, as well as interviews in the Boston Herald later this week, The Weekly Dig, Real Hip Hop Uncut with DJ Ill Neal (Thursday) and at (Up now on the media-player) and in January 16th's Stuff@Night for their Annual "Bodies by Boston" edition!

DECEMBER 3, 2008:

ASN's current radio-single "Smash 'Em" (Featuring Smif N Wessun) is currently #5 on the US College Radio Charts (According to Rap Attack, #8 according to Rapnetwork Record Breakers).

That makes "Smash 'Em" the second ASN single released and the second ASN single to hit the US Top 10!!! And as always...there's plenty more where that came from!!!

Check for ASN soon interviewing live on your local and internet Hip Hop stations...more info coming soon! Also, check back soon for the Soul On a Beat Entertainment models section coming by 2009! To submit pictures for consideration, hit us up at

Photographers, poets and artists, share your work with us, too!

NOVEMBER 11, 2008:

ASN's "Made For This" album was reviewed on and in the Play New Haven newspaper. Just click the links to check the reviews!

NOVEMBER 7, 2008:

ASN's "Made For This" album is available now on iTunes (CLICK HERE!) or for physical purchase at (CLICK HERE!).

The album features AZ ("The #2 US single "Road To Success"), Smif N Wessun (The new hit "Smash 'Em"), DJ Khaled, Vakero, Nancia and Bre, plus production by J. Cardim, Fero Navi and more...

The new single off of the album, "Smash 'Em" featuring Smif n Wessun debuted at the number one add on! Be on the look out for it on a radio station near you...

OCTOBER 27, 2008:

The remix to the #2 US single "Road To Success", [Renamed "On The Road" by ASN Featuring AZ, Kiesha Shontelle, PA and F.T. (Fuc That Of Street Smartz)] has been released on the world-wide web. Free download available here!!! or check for it on, or just google "On The Road" by ASN, PA, Kiesha Shontelle and F.T! (SHOUT OUT TO PA)

Also, check for ASN opening for Freeway (Formerly of Jay-Z and Dame Dash's Rocafella) November 15, 2008 at Harpers Ferry, Allston MA with Stu Cat, M. Dot, Seti and Vice Versah...Hosted by Edo G....18+/$25. (SHOUT OUT TO EDO G AND LEANO OF THE FLOORLORDS)

ASN's "Made For This" album, featuring AZ, Smif N Wessun, DJ Khaled, Vakero, Nancia and Bre, plus production by J. Cardim, Fero Navi and more...Available real soon on iTunes, Rhapsody and basically where-ever digital music is sold! Or cop it directly from us NOW...Record release party this December 19, 2008...More details coming soon!!!

Also, artists looking to perform, ask yourself...ARE YOU A HUSTLER??? If so, hit us up. We've got some business to discuss. Email us at

SEPTEMBER 25, 2008:

ASN has started booking for his INTERNATIONAL tour!!! To book, hit us up at!!!

Check out the ASN interview just posted at

ASN & Smyly set to perform charity event to raise awareness about drunk driving November 13th at Milly's Tavern, Manchester, NH

SEPTEMBER 2, 2008:

ASN's single 'Road To Success' Featuring AZ and produced by J. Cardim hit the top ten (#2 according to Rap Attack) of the national college radio tracking charts, (Check out and Rapnetwork Record Breakers and see for yourselves!)

DJ Denox and Statik SelektahIt is also featured on DJ Denox and Statik Selektah's 'We Break The Hits' Volume 5 mixtape, click the album cover to the left to download yours now:

More collabo's with some big names are in the work, so stay tuned!!!

Also, the 'Made For This' album is a wrap...ORDER NOW in the merchandise section! We're real proud of this one. We're getting alot of love just off of the first song and there's alot more where that came from!!!

Thank you to everyone for all of the support!! All friends, all the DJs, promoters, etc., wouldn't have been this big without you ALL!!! More news coming soon...

AUGUST 15, 2008:
ASN's track 'If You Want It' from his 'Evolution' album will be featured on the up-coming video-game Midway Presents Vin Diesel's 'Wheelman' for XBox 360 and Play Station 3.  Check out the trailer right below!

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