When it comes down to it, our body is the only piece of workout equipment we’ll ever need.


A full gym or some gear is great to have access to, but you can save money, time and space by skipping the gym membership, weights and other exercise gear. Here’s a list of workouts you can do with no machines, dumbbells or weight benches, followed by some variations to add variety, increase difficulty or meet particular needs.




Want a good, effective and efficient full body workout?

Try 10 to 12 jump squats, followed by 25 push ups, followed immediately by 20 bicycle crunches. The less downtime in between the better. If weightless squats are too easy, switch to jumping squats. This is a great high intensity routine that will hit every muscle group. Modify the number of reps to match your personal fitness level, and repeat the sequence as long as you can bare!




Squat variations:


  • Regular squats.

  • Sumo squats (feet wider than shoulder width).

  • Jump squats.

  • One legged squats. Hold a chair or table for balance if you need to as to work up to performing them unassisted..



  • One-legged push ups (12 on right foot, 12 on right foot, then both feet down and continue until failure).

  • Feet up on a chair (for your upper chest).

  • Hands up on a chair (for your lower chest.

  • If you have kids, have them sit on your back when your own body weight isn’t enough!

  • Spider crunch. Work your obliques with that shit, too!!!


Core (One minute each):

  • Side planks.

  • Up and down (1,2,3,4, repeat).

  • One-legged planks. Similar to the one-legged push-ups, do anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute on your left foot, followed immediately by the same amount of time on your right foot, then both feet down for another 30 seconds or until failure.

  • Bicycle crunches.

  • Ankle reach throughs (particularly good for developing obliques).



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